Benefits of Yoga

“The body benefits from movement.
The mind benefits from stillness.”

Yoga is the science of wellbeing. Practising yoga regularly will benefit your body, mind and sense of wellbeing.

Yoga improves all round fitness, making you more physically fit as well as more mentally and emotionally balanced. Yoga is one of the best ways to de-stress and calm your mind. You’re likely to notice that you may sleep better, get fewer colds and generally feel more peaceful, relaxed and at ease.

Yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation or guided meditations are a great way to release the stresses of the day. Practising yoga regularly helps to make your body flexible and strong. Yoga postures tone the body muscles and this helps to improve the body’s posture when standing, sitting, walking or sleeping. Better posture has the added benefit of helping to relieve your body of any aches due to poor posture.

The many benefits of yoga include:

• Improved strength and flexibility
• Lower stress levels
• Increased mental clarity
• Better sleep
• Increased focus and concentration
• Increased muscle tone
• Increased bone density
• Reduced chronic pain
• Relief from mild backache
• Improved breathing
• Improved athletic performance
• Weight loss and maintenance
• Improved balance
• Improved posture
• Improved joint health
• Immunity boost
• Increase in positive thoughts
• Increased body and self awareness
• Increased self acceptance
• Increased self esteem and confidence.

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Yoga and Your Health: if you have any health concerns or haven’t done any exercise for a while, please check with your doctor for advice before doing any yoga.  Please also contact us before coming to a yoga class to let us know any health concerns and talk about what may be suitable for you.

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