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Gentle Yoga: Wednesdays 7pm

Yoga classes are friendly, fun and supportive. Beginners and mixed abilities are welcome to Wednesday’s weekly yoga classes in Kettering. Yoga teacher, Atim, will show variations of yoga poses so you can learn how to adapt a pose to make it feel good for your body. You can unwind and relax; the class ends in savasana, rest pose, with a guided meditation. Any Questions? Call or text: 07985 591370.

St Michael & All Angels
33 Garfield Street, Kettering  NN15 6BU
(At corner of Roundhill Rd. Please bring your yoga mat)
Price:  £7.50

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga energises your body and calms your mind. Yoga improves general fitness and wellbeing. It trims your waist, firms your bum and improves your posture. Yoga also loosens up tight muscles in the neck, shoulders, back, hips and hamstrings. Yoga is one of the best ways to de-stress and calm your mind. You’re likely to notice that you may sleep better, get fewer colds and generally feel more peaceful, relaxed and at ease.

Yoga at Gyms

For details of recommended yoga classes in and near Kettering contact the gyms and spas directly by clicking on the links below.

. Simply Gym Kettering
. Balance Health Club & Spa
. Kettering Park Hotel & Spa
. Ironstone Wellbeing Centre
. Homefield Grange Health Retreat

Yoga Socials

Sign up to the newsletter for updates about yoga videos, meditations and social events. Your ideas for yoga socials are welcome such as walks, picnics, yoga outdoors and charity events to raise funds for local causes. Ladies and gentlemen are welcome; and the yoga events are suitable for beginners and mixed abilities.

Yoga and Your Health: if you have any health concerns or haven’t done any exercise for a while, please check with your doctor for advice before doing any yoga.  Please also contact us before coming to a yoga class to let us know any health concerns and talk about what may be suitable for you. For Covid-19 safety, please keep aware of and follow the latest Government guidelines. When doing yoga or any exercise, the wearing of a face mask is not necessary, although it is optional if you prefer to.

Salute to the Sun Yoga

Yoga in Kettering
East Midlands
England, United Kingdom

Get in Touch

Call or text: 07985 591370
Email: click here

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नमस्ते namaste

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