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We have fun and exciting 2 to 3 hour 'Mind, Body and You' yoga workshops planned through the year. These  yoga workshops that take place in Northamptonshire. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with upcoming workshops:


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As well as yoga workshops, we also offer  yoga classes in Kettering, and private yoga lessons within Kettering Northants and surrounding areas.   The yoga classes are for mixed abilities.  Beginners are welcome.  Classes are suitable for ladies and gents that are interested in trying yoga for the first time or would like to practise on a regular basis.

Are you interested in a one-to-one private yoga class or small private group class?  


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benefits of yoga


•  Improved strength and flexibility

•  Increased energy

•  Lower stress levels

•  Increased mental calmness

•  Increased mental clarity, focus and concentration

•  Increased muscle tone

•  Increased bone density  

•  Reduced chronic pain

•  Relief from mild backache

•  Improved breathing and athletic performance

•  Better sleep

•  Weight loss and maintenance

•  Improved balance

•  Improved posture

•  Improved joint health

•  Immunity boost

•  Increase in positive thoughts

•  Increased body awareness and acceptance

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yoga workshops Kettering Northamptonshire

Yoga workshops in Kettering Northants


Yoga workshops include elements of flexibility, balance and strength building poses as well as posture awareness, alignment, breathing techniques a guided meditation.

mind body and you

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