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My first introduction to yoga was in Sydney, Australia in my early twenties, with world-renowned Simon Borg-Olivier. Simon inspired me to pursue yoga as a great way to de-stress, and I love teaching its benefits of promoting a calm, focused mind and a healthy body.  


Slow flowing or restorative sequences with mindfulness and breathing techniques influence my style of Hatha yoga.  I like to focus on helping to improve posture and strengthen the back and core. As a qualified Hatha yoga teacher, I like to use traditional and creative influences from India and around the world; such as the Indian practice of yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), as well as the Chinese origins of Yin and Yang yoga and African Kemetic yoga.  My website Salute to the Sun Yoga, focuses on yoga classes and workshops in Kettering. For further details call: 07985 591370.


Jenny teaches a gentle hatha style of yoga which emphasises listening to your body and working at your own pace. The breathing and posture work builds strength, stamina and flexibility.  The pinnacle of the class is the relaxation which is when true healing takes place and is extremely enjoyable. Hopefully students feel they have been challenged and found some transformation.


Gentle yoga is ideal for people discovering yoga at a more mature age or with physical constraints as they will have the space and time to explore the postures according to their own needs and limitations. Lack of flexibility is  one of the best reasons to take up yoga. Jenny offers one-to-one yoga therapy sessions. For further details call:  07539 322157.


Helen has practiced Tai Chi and Chi Gong for 30 years and taught for 25 years. She has taught a vast range on abilities over the years from beginners to advanced and children to the elderly as well as people with disabilities. Classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. Tai Chi improves health, concentration and the gentle movements are ideal for people with balance and restricted movement.


Helen joins us occasionally to add a unique blend of Tai Chi with Yoga to our workshops in Kettering.  For information on Helen's Tai Chi and Chi Gong classes visit her website:  The Market Sanctuary is a charity based in Northampton. They offer yoga classes, mindfulness, meditation, tai chi, reiki, reflexology and other alternative therapies.




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Yoga is about unity and connecting the mind, body and breath.  Our focus is also to connect with each other.  Our yoga health and wellbeing community is about connecting people and making new friends through shared interests within a fun and supportive environment.  We are freelance yoga teachers and friends that get together occasionally to run yoga, meditation and tai chi workshops in Northamptonshire. Occasionally we provide cover for each other's classes as well as for yoga classes at local gyms.  We each run our own individual weekly yoga or tai chi classes, one-to-one sessions or alternative therapies as detailed below.  Contact us if you are interested in any of our group classes, workshops or one-to-one sessions either for yourself, gym, school or organisation.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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