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resistance exercise tube


The Resistance Exercise Tube has soft grip handles and provides ideal 'pulling exercises' to compliment your yoga practise and help build strength and stamina.  Ideal for travelling and virtually a gym workout that can be done any where and any time, resistance exercise tubes are great for:

1) Improving muscle strength and tone to help protect joints from injury
2) Improving and maintaining better posture, flexibility and balance
3) Building stamina

Available in three different resistance strengths the resistance tubes are ideal for helping to strengthen muscle groups and tendons and also ideal during rehab and for sports training.  Resistance tubes are made from a high grade medical rubber, 99.99% free from latex allergens.  

Size: 142cm  from handle to handle.  Tube length: 125cm

How to use:  Start with the lowest level of resistance and build sets and repetitions gradually. Then once the exercises become too easy, move on to the next level of resistance by using the next resistance exercise tube.  Images of exercises are suggestions only.  Please use your resistance exercise tube mindfully;  Salute To The Sun Yoga accept no liability for accident or injury during use.  If you have any health concerns, check with your doctor for advice

YELLOW = Light Resistance, easiest
RED = Medium Resistance
BLUE = Heavy Resistance, hardest

Price includes VAT and standard delivery within mainland UK.

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